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we perfectly cope with the problems put before us, using the internet, profile knowledge and luggage of excellent ideas. at creation of a site or other product we go precisely to the purpose and we achieve finally!  employees of studio declare.

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электронная отчетность в Новосибирске

Типография Пенза

What your purposes?

  • Creation of pleasant impression about company
  • Sales volume increase, reception of orders through internet
  • Adherence increase to a product or service
  • Increase of recognition of the company, its product or service
  • Search of new clients, partners
  • Other purposes connected with internet


  • Creates a web-sajy of any complexity
  •   (Hosting)
  • Advertises on the internet, creates flash-banners
  • Creates logos, corporate styles, cut-aways
  • Design studio "moderno"
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-Studio «Moderno»
Design studio "moderno"